When technology and creativity meet


I believe that Pointech offers high quality, cutting-edge perimeter protection measures.

The company invests considerable resources in continuing to develop security products, without compromising the service, quality and innovation .

Throughout the consulting, purchasing, installation and assimilation stages, Pointech representatives will provide the comprehensive consultation and solutions in the field of cutting edge protection so that you, the customers, are able to decide what the best, most efficient and correct solution is for your own sense of security and physical security.

Safety first

All Pointech projects undergo the most stringent safety tests to ensure real-time quality and reliability.

All products meet the CE and EN standards, which are two of the most stringent international standards in the security industry.

All the products maintain a high level of safety and are designed with user safety in mind.

Looking forward

Pointech is developing the next generation of security measures.

The company personnel explore technologies from different worlds and bring them into the security world, with an emphasis on quality and progress.

Reliability, innovation and quality are at the core of Pointech, which always aims to move forward, evolve and progress to the forefront of technology.

Pointech – Service

Pointech provides a wide range of services in the field of private and business security. The company offers a comprehensive, wide range of cutting-edge security products.

The company manufactures and supplies smart and advanced intercom systems, alarm detectors, detectors against cover defenses and identification and verification systems for human objects, to allow differentiation between real dangers and mundane movements of pets or movement that is not defined as suspicious. Pointech emphasizes innovation, and therefore, the activity does not depend on old, antiquated storage systems rather on direct and quick access to cloud storage.

The new technological era is at the heart of the company and reflected in all aspects of the company’s projects, in order to provide a fast, safe, and above all, reliable solution. The company is also active in the field of smart houses as part of the overall assemblage of connecting the structure to the innovative and unique infrastructure, which helps in security issues.

Ongoing support

As befits veterans of the elite units of the Ministry of Defense, Pointech provides quality and reliability throughout the entire process, beginning with infrastructure installation to ongoing support for problems and malfunctions in real time. 

The advanced and unique company in the field of technology provides diverse products and services in the field of comprehensive security.